Sunday, March 20, 2011

bits of my room

A little place, with pretty twigs, toadstools, a bird called Antoine, my cat William's ashes and a photo of him (silver frame) iridescent boob tassel pastie things, a unicorn and the simoneer guys (who are staying here on holiday while I paint their 'set') art by Liselotte Eriksson (in the gold frame) a giraffe candle thing (from my brother) the candle goes in his belly and then he makes pretty patterns on the wall, some acorns, a mask from Leroy, a hideous and great silver swan, a harry potter wand (ahaha) and my collection of cigarette tins with Egyptian dudes on.

Below is Smaug who I have had forever and ever, well at least 19 years.


  1. I want to come oooooover!!! Also those look slike some hella good acorns right there.

  2. I like that thing that looks like a ghost polar bear. Also, I think I have to send you some stuff. I have things on my dressing table that I love, but are no longer me things, but are Brioche things most certainly. There's a pink swan, that would definitly be great friends with the silver swan you have there. Even lovers.

  3. Isnt ghost polar the best? I love him, I sometimes can't look at him his face is too alive and knowing. Omg pink swan silver swan imagine the children they would have! I wanna send you stuff too! haha I still have a mix cd I made for you in like 2001 it has Switchblade Symphony and things!

    Plz both come over and play with my acorns!